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An SR-22 insurance policy is a certificate of insurance that shows the department proof of insurance for the future, as required by law (AS 28.20.230). You may be required to obtain an SR-22 policy for reinstatement after your privileges to drive have been suspended or revoked. If you are required to show proof of SR-22 insurance filing before having your driver’s license reinstated, you must obtain a copy of the SR-22 insurance binder (dated within the last 30 days) or application for the binder (dated within the last 30 days).

SR-22 is a motor vehicle liability insurance which requires the insurance company to certify coverage to the Division of Motor Vehicles, and the insurance company must notify DMV any time the policy is canceled, terminated or lapses.

You do not need to own a car to buy this kind of insurance. If you do not own a car, ask your insurance company about a non-owner SR-22 policy.

For most offenses, you must carry this kind of insurance policy for three years from the ending day of any revocation.

For DWI and Refusal convictions SR-22 is required for:

  • Five (5) years from the ending date on a first offense
  • Ten (10) years from the ending date on a second offense
  • Twenty (20) years from the ending date on a third offense

SR22 must be carried for the life of the driver under the following circumstances:

  • Fourth offense for DWI or Refusal convictions
  • Unsatisfied Judgment.

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